Tile and Grout cleaning alpharetta

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Are your tile and grout looking worse with all the stains? We will bring back that look to your surface, which once glistened across the floor and walls with our patented tile cleaning service in Alpharetta. Just send us the pictures of your stained areas and get your free estimate today.

Tile Cleaning alpharetta

Tile and grout cleaning
pushed even further.

Taking the unsighted floor, shower and countertop to the next level has become second nature to our Alpharetta artists. They will eliminate all the deep stains, bacteria and mold with an exquisitely designed cleaner – Imperia. It cleans, preps and sanitizes tile and grout while soaking into the surface.
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Tile Cleaning atlanta
clean ceramic tile and grout

Ceramic tile
and grout cleaning.

Take a deeper look at the picture shown to the left, you will find a refined elegance at every level. Eliminating stain only at the top of the surface is not our style. We sanitize tile and grout while lifting all the deep stains, bacteria, mold and any sealers if present in the surface.
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stone and grout cleaning alpharetta

Cleaning natural stone
tile and grout.

Natural stone - marble, travertine and slate, makes homes or buildings look beautiful, but it can also diminish the surface's value, if the wrong service is taken. We clean natural stone tiles using a high quality product that not just clean stone, but also preps and sanitizes it while removing stains, mold and existing sealers at the root. Unlike regular cleaners, our product doesn't damage the surface.
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stone and grout cleaning alpharetta
cleaning and sealing the grout

Grout sealing,
after tile cleaning.

A successful tile and grout restoration service always includes a grout sealing process. Sometimes just cleaning tiles doesn't eliminate all the deep stains, which is not an issue for us since we lock out all the stains with Caponi. It is a two part pigmented titanium solvent epoxy/resin sealer, controlling the growth of mold and prevents stains by waterproofing all the grout lines. Caponi is a chemical resistant sealer that comes with a 5 year labor warranty.
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After stone cleaning.
Preserving the beauty.

Natural stone is just like sand on the beach. Once acidic drinks or any liquids are spilled on the surface, it will retain them and allow the occurrence of stains, etching and mold easily. Natural stone tiles should always be sealed after they are cleaned. We prevent future staining with Repela-Bond - an invisible clear resin sealer, or Celine- a clear topical solvent based sealer. Both sealers create a waterproofed surface with a lush natural look. Celine may add a slight sheen to stone.
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